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Application for correction to particulars entered in electoral roll

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The Electoral Registration Officer,

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I request that entry relating to myself appearing in the electoral roll the above Constituency is not correct and it should be corrected. Correct particulars in support of my request are given below:

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I. Applicant's Details:

Surname (if any):
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Part number of electoral roll:
Serial number in that part:
Date of birth if you know:     Day:    Month:  Year: 
Age as on 1st January 2017: *Years:  Months:  *Gender: 
*Relation Type
Surname (if any):
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II. Particulars of place of present ordinary Residence(Full address)

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*Street /Area /Locality /Mohalla /Road:
*Town/ Village:
*Post Office:
*Pin Code:
*Tehsil/ Taluka/ Mandal/ Thana:

III. Details of Elector's Photo Identity Card(if issued, in this or some other constituency)

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Mobile number:  
Name of the Constituency:
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